SALE ITEM - Single 500ml Security Wall-Mounted Holder Orbital Finish


Less 50%!

Holder Only Sold without bottle

Recommended for business and home use 

Features Security Single Holder designed to hold most 500ml luxury branded round bottles. Lockable with unique sliding front plate feature for easy cleaning and loading.

Material 2.5mm 304 stainless steel.

Finish Polished Orbital effect (dull shine).

Holder dimensions with bottle loaded (excluding pump) H x 141mm W x 83mm D x 80mm. Measurement taken using common standard 500ml PET bottle, size may differ. Space required to include loading of bottle due to front plate sliding upwards H x 180mm.

Bottle Sizes Suitable for bottle sizes up to 75mm diameter x 145mm in height (top of shoulder which will increase height). Bottle neck size 29.5mm, in some cases pumps will need to be removed before loading bottles.

Weight 0.75kg.

Made in England

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