SALE ITEM - Single 500ml Standard Wall-Mounted Holder Orbital Finish


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Holder Only Sold without products. 

Recommended for home use 

Features Designed to hold most 250-300ml luxury branded round bottles. Lockable with unique drop-down feature for easy cleaning and loading.

Material 2.5mm 304 stainless steel.

Finish Polished Orbital effect.

Dimensions H x 130mm W x 68mm D x 62mm. Space required to include loading of bottle due to front plate sliding downwards H x 150mm.

Bottle Sizes Will hold bottles up to 62mm diameter x 120mm in height (top of shoulder). Bottle neck size 29.5mm, in some cases, pumps will need to be removed before loading bottles.

Weight 0.45kg.

Fixing Instructions For Single, Double and Triple Wall Mounted Holders.

Your holder is made from 304 certified stainless steel and should not rust but care needs to be taken when installing and cleaning your holders.

Hand Basin Location Fit allowing suitable height above and below holder for access for re-filling and changing the bottle. Recommended minimum height from work surface to bottom of holder = 10cm.

Shower Location If possible, locate the holder arms reach from shower head, not directly beneath it. We recommended a minimum height of 100cm from floor to bottom of holder and if possible fit dispenser into a corner so not to be a hazard.

Fixing Remove Holder from bag and use as template to mark wall, drill using appropriate drill bit and fit plug, attach holder to wall. Holders can be stuck to clean even surfaces using a good quality double sided tape as provided. Make sure surface is dry and clean, use alcohol wipe provided to wipe surface and allow to dry. Once stuck, allow as much time (up to 24hrs) for adhesive to set before positioning bottles into dispenser. SoHo Dispensers does not install holders nor guarantees any of the fixing or tape supplied, due to different surfaces types. We also recommend that you use wall fixings if using glass bottles. Fixings are very much down to the purchaser. 

Loading Holders

1) Loosen screws with allen key, make sure front plate is fully down.

2) Load bottles by positioning pumps through large holes in top of holder.

3) Once bottles are positioned on front/base plate, slide plate up with bottle pumps through holes as far up as possible, tighten allen screws.

Cleaning For care of your holder, we recommend removing bottles monthly and clean thoroughly using a micro fibre cloth and soapy water. If positioned in hard water areas, white vinegar or lemon juice is recommended for removal of lime scale. Harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners should not be used to clean these holders, these may cause damage to the surface.

Warranty: Our holders are guaranteed for two years against manufacturing defects or operation. Holders are not guaranteed against misuse of cleaning. SoHo Dispensers does not guarantee the fixings supplied, the purchasers own fixings, or the installation whatsoever. If necessary, seek professional advice prior to installation.

For maximum presentation keep bottles topped up at all time.

Made in England

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